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Falcon Motors offers a full wheel alignment service for cars and vans of all makes and models. We are located in central Newark-on-Trent, easily reached from Beckingham, Farndon, Winthorpe, Kelham, Fernwood and the surrounding area.

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Car & Van Wheel Alignment at Falcon Motors

Wheel Alignment can be described as the angles your car - through the tyres - makes contact with the ground. In general, the more tyre surface in contact with the road, the better the drive will be. Your van or cars wheel can become misaligned by any number of things. The most common causes are the wheels getting knocked out of alignment by going through a pothole or driving the wheel into the kerb.

The main types of wheel alignment are Toe Alignment and Camber Alignment. Toe alignment measures how much wheels are turned in or out from straight ahead. If the wheels are facing towards the car, this is said to be Toe In. If the wheels are facing away from the car, this is said to be Toe Out. If your wheels Toe Alignment is not straight your car will pull to the side whilst driving.

Camber alignment is the vertical tilt of the wheel - whether or not the wheels tilt inwards from top to bottom or vice versa. If your wheels camber is misaligned it will increase the wear on the shoulder of the tyre. This means that you will need to replace the tyres much sooner than you would if the wheels camber was aligned as per your van or car manufacturer's specifications. Misaligned wheels can also cause an increase in fuel consumption. This is due to the fact that your wheels are trying to propel your van or car in opposite directions and thus, instead of working together as they do when the wheels are aligned, they work against each other leading to a large amount of wasted energy.

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